Belmont’s Solar Campaign

Belmont’s Solar Campaign, called Belmont Goes Solar,  is now in full swing.  Direct Energy Solar (DES) is offering discounted rates for Belmont residents choosing to put solar panels on their rooftops.  Almost 125 residents have already chosen to go solar.  Direct Energy Solar will continue to offer their special rates until April 30, 2016 so there is still time for Belmont residents to sign up.

Direct Energy Solar was chosen as the preferred installer by the Belmont Goes Solar team after a careful vetting process done late last fall.   They have successfully sponsored town campaigns before and have been off to a great start in Belmont.  By meeting the 100 resident milestone of sign-ups Belmont has already qualified for a free $25,000 solar system for a municipal or school building.   Belmont Goes Solar is now working with Direct Energy Solar about another possible bonus should 200 residents sign up before the conclusion of the program.

For more information about Belmont Goes Solar click here.  To sign up for a free consultation with Direct Energy Solar (DES) click here.  They will help you decide whether your home is a good candidate for rooftop solar, help you look at your various options, and offer you discounted rates special for the Belmont Goes Solar campaign.


Direct Energy will be hosting informational sessions on the following dates/locations for Belmont residents who want to find out more about their programs.

BELMONT SOLAR OPEN HOUSES: See solar panels in action at these two Belmont homes and learn more about solar:

  • Saturday, March 26th, 2016 – Learn more
    • 10 am – Noon:  57 Woodfall Road
    • 2pm – 4pm:  120 Gilbert Road

SOLAR WORKSHOP: Everyone is welcome to attend a solarworkshop in Belmont. Saturday, April 2, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Beech Street Center.

Interested residents can also speak with solar coaches—Belmont residents who have carefully studied the issues related to residential solar.  They offer their services free of charge and have no financial connection with Direct Energy or receive financial gain from your decision to go solar.  They can be contacted at coach@BelmontGoesSolar.org

Belmont Goes Solar came about when the Selectmen asked the Energy Committee to organize a solarize program.   Solarize campaigns are town sponsored activities in which town officials ask a number of solar installers to submit discounted bids for a group buy for town residents.  The town helps promote the advantages of going solar and the installer can offer a decreased rate as some of the work of finding business is done for them by the town.

Many solarize campaigns are sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. (Mass CEC).   Since Belmont is serviced by a municipal utility that does not contribute to the Renewable Energy Trust, a funder of the Mass CEC, the Mass CEC will not organize a formal solarize campaign in Belmont.  That means our solarize campaign had to be home-grown.

Belmont Goes Solar set a goal of 100 installations for the campaign.  If this goal is met Direct Energy will donate $25,000 towards a solar system to benefit the town.  If 50 installations are reached the donation will be $10,000.   Many residents have already signed up and the campaign is well on its way to meeting this goal.

If you have any interest in solar for your house, now is a great time to do it.   The discounted rates last only until April 30.  The current state subsidy program will expire some time in the next few months and future subsidies are almost certainly going to be less generous.  And finally you can join a community of neighbors with an interest in clean energy.  For more information about renewable energy, solar tariffs, and the finances of going solar feel free to explore the rest of this website.